Recap: The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

By: Ben Slaughter

Last weekend, we celebrated our first showing at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, a prestigious event that has been a cornerstone of the outdoor community for over a decade. This expo is not only a gathering of hunting enthusiasts but also serves as a platform for wildlife conservation and promoting outdoor recreation. Our team was excited to be a part of this renowned event, where we had the opportunity to introduce our Pro Meal line to a diverse audience of passionate outdoor enthusiasts.

Throughout the weekend, we engaged with attendees, shared our mission, and showcased the convenience and quality of our products. As newcomers to the expo scene, we were humbled by the warm reception and enthusiastic feedback from visitors. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange stories, and foster a sense of community within the outdoor industry. Below are some of our favorite moments from the event:

Selling Out Of Pro Meals-TWICE:

The response to our Pro Meal line exceeded our wildest expectations. Despite stocking up heavily on inventory, we were caught off guard by the overwhelming demand, selling out of our products not just once, but twice! It was a testament to the quality and taste of our meals, reinforcing our belief in the importance of providing outdoor enthusiasts with convenient and delicious nutrition options. We were blown away by the incredible response from all the expo-goers. From seasoned hunters to outdoor enthusiasts, folks couldn't get enough of our delicious meals. We watched with amazement as our inventory dwindled down to almost nothing by the time the expo wrapped up.

Thousands of Samples Shared:

One of the best highlights of the expo was the opportunity to share our Pro Meal samples with thousands of visitors. Attendees lined up to experience the taste and convenience of our freeze-dried meals. The positive feedback was music to our ears, reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-quality, satisfying meals for adventurers on the go. As we dished out sample after sample, it was heartwarming to see the excitement on people's faces as they tried our meals for the first time. Many were pleasantly surprised by the bold flavors and hearty portions, commenting on how they couldn't believe it was freeze-dried!

Hanging Out With Our Pros:

In addition to showcasing our products, we had the privilege of spending the weekend with two of our Pro Meal athletes, Ike Eastman and Zelzin Aketzalli. Their presence added an extra layer of excitement to the event, allowing attendees to hear firsthand about their experiences and adventures in the great outdoors. It was inspiring to see how our shared passion for exploration and conservation resonated with fellow expo-goers. We are grateful for Ike and Zelzin's contributions to the expo and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them in the future.

As we reflect on our first experience at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, we are filled with gratitude for the warm reception we received. The connections we made and the feedback we gathered will inform our future endeavors as we continue to expand our presence in the outdoor community. With each expo and event, we are eager to share the ReadyWise Outdoor experience with a wider audience, empowering adventurers to fuel their pursuits with nutritious and flavorful meals.

Let Us Know Where You Want to See Us: We value your input! If there's a show or expo in your area where you'd like to see ReadyWise Outdoor, don't hesitate to reach out. Your suggestions help shape our event calendar and ensure that we're connecting with communities where our products can make a difference. Together, let's embark on new adventures and enjoy the great outdoors!