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Pro Meal Sampler Pack: Explore a variety of delicious outdoor meals. Perfect for camping and adventures on the go!
  • MADE IN THE USA - Made locally here in the US at our own facility

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Sealed in small individual pouches

  • EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE - Up to 15 Years!

  • EAT IN POUCH - Just add water (hot or cold)


One of each ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meal


Jeff "Legend" Garmire's Breakfast Skillet

Andrew Alexander's Thai Coconut Cashew Curry

Continental Divides Trail Coalition's Homestyle Biscuits and Gravy

Pacific Crest Trail Association's Beef Bulgogi & Kimchi Rice

Ike Eastman's Beef Stroganoff

One Tree Planted's Pasta alla Vodka with Chicken

Zelzin Aketzalli's Traditional Pork Chili Verde

Appalachian Trail Conservancy's Country Style Chicken Pot Pie

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