Andrew Alexander King is an accomplished African American explorer, climber,surfer and freediver. Voted as one of the Top 20 Most Influential people in theOutdoor Industry, Andrew has set out to be the first African-American to climb theworld's tallest peaks and volcanoes on each continent to speak out againstracism, sexism, climate change and economic barriers. He is a strong believer indeveloping sustainable relationships with non-profits and other humanitarianorganizations along the journey with The Between Worlds Project Foundationthat he founded and developed.

To date, Andrew has climbed more than 50 different mountains around the worldfrom Kilimanjaro to the highest mountain in the Atlantic, Indian and PacificOceans, to the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, and surfed bigwaves in Mexico, Europe and Hawaii. He is currently training in Nazare, Portugal- home of the 100-foot waves. Should he accomplish this feat, Andrew would bethe first African American to surf Nazare + climb the Himalayas.

Andrew has been featured in Outside Magazine, Andscape, Men's Health,Muscle & Fitness, CNN, KTLA, Spectrum News, CBS, and more. He has beenfeatured in multiple campaigns including Backcountry, Subaru and Cole Haanabout representing diversity in the outdoors, all which contain a givebackcomponent to support his mission in generating awareness to organizationsfocused on breaking the glass ceiling.


Andrew King is an athlete who is always on the go.  When we asked him what he looks for in a meal for all his high-output activities he challenged us to make a high calorie, protein packed vegetarian meal.  Challenge accepted!   As pretty much a full time international traveler we wanted to make something that would reflect a meal that might touch on a few of the many flavors he has had the chance to experience around the world.  What we created for Andrew is a Thai Style Coconut Cashew Curry with Chickpeas & Aromatic Rice.  You do not have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a meal this tasty but we sure are glad we were able to make something that fits into the vegetarian adventure lifestyle. 

Andrews Favorite Signature PRO MEALS (other than his own)