The Multi Use ReadyWise Dry Bag

The Multi Use ReadyWise Dry Bag

You might think that the dry bag that comes with our two- and three-day Adventure Meal Kits is just a food bag but what you probably didn’t know is that there are endless uses for our dry bag in the backcountry.



The first and most obvious application for the dry bag is to store your food in your backpack and keep it nice and dry if you get caught in a storm. But did you know that you can also use your dry bag as a bear hanging bag to store your food at night in a tree? When you are done cooking for the night. You can pack up all your scented products and remaining food items, roll the top down and secure it a bear line. There will be no need to worry that your items will get wet if it rains and it keeps our curious bear friends from dipping into those delicious ReadyWise Cookie Snacks you were saving for tomorrow, when you are sleeping at night!

A third application for the dry bag is that it can be used to carry water from a water source back to camp for filtering when the water source might be farther away than you would like to walk to refill your water bottles. After a long day of hiking the last thing, you want to have to do is add miles to your day with extra trips to the river. When you’re done flip the bag inside out, give it a quick dry and you can pack your items right back inside of it.



If rafting, lazy river tubing, kayaking or canoeing are your thing, you know how important it is to keep your items dry, especially your valuable electronics like your phone or portable speakers. Float the river with confidence knowing your valuables won’t be destroyed and clip the dry bag to your water vessel of choice. 

The next couple options might come in to play if you have more than one dry bag. Since you should always look to leave the outdoors a little better than how you found it, carrying an extra dry bag to pack out any trash you find along the way and depositing it at the trailhead when you are done is an excellent way to do just that. Your dry bag can be used as a reusable trash bag. If it gets funky just wash it out with soap and water when you get home! We’ve even used them as trash bags for the car by clipping them to the back of the headrest or crush your cans and store them in the bag to recycle when you get home. You would be surprised how many crushed cans can fit in one of our dry bags, and the best part is all the drips won’t leak out all over your car.



This list of ideas is truly endless when you have a waterproof roll top bag. You can stick your shoes and socks in it while attempting a river crossing or use it to sit on if the ground is wet or, one of our favorite applications is to fill it up with your spare clothes and use it as a pillow! No spare clothes? In that case you can fill the dry bag up with air and use it as an air pillow. Having a single item that can be used for such a wide variety of applications is always a bonus when you’re out on the trail. Pick up one of our 2- or 3-Day Adventure Meal Kits and try out our dry bag today! We’d love to see what you come up with!

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