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ReadyWise Outdoor's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Edition

Welcome to ReadyWise Outdoor's Holiday Gift Gear Guide! We've spent countless nights camping, hiking, and climbing under the stars, and these experiences have shaped our views on what makes killer outdoor gear your family would love.

At ReadyWise Outdoor, our team's passion for the great outdoors isn't just a 9-to-5; it's a way of life. We've tested, trusted, and lived alongside top-notch gear through hundreds of adventures. These experiences have honed our perspective on what truly makes outdoor gear exceptional and fun!

This holiday season, we're thrilled to share our insight with you. Our curated stocking stuffer selections are the culmination of hands-on experiences and countless moments where small, useful gear has found its way into our hearts (and backpacks) over the years. These aren’t just recommendations; they’re our personal nods to the gear that's stood the test of time on many an adventure.

Our hope is that you find something fun to give your loved ones to fill their stocking this holiday season or find something new to treat yourself! You can’t go wrong with this top 10 list of outdoorsy stocking stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers:

1. ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meals:

Naturally, our brand-new Pro Meals take the lead on our list. These chef-crafted, athlete-designed meals are high in calories and protein, with no fillers. What's even more satisfying than a full belly of delicious food is that four of our meals directly contribute to organizations such as the Pacific Crest Trail Association, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Continental Divide Coalition, and One Tree Planted. Use code GIFTGUIDE10 for a 10% discount on any of our Pro Meals!

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2. Sawyer Squeeze:

In our opinion there just isn’t a more tried and true water filter for camping and hunting than the Sawyer Squeeze. This is a perfect present for any hunter, hiker, or backpacker in your life.  The squeeze weighs just over two ounces and can filter 100,000 gallons of water. You would be hard pressed to find any thru-hiker without one.  Reliable and safe. These are a top pick.

Currently: $29.00 on Amazon 


3. Nitecore NU25 USB-Rechargeable Headlamp:

This ultralight headlamp shines with an impressive 400 lumens of light, featuring a red light for early mornings and late nights at camp. What sets it apart is its ability to recharge directly from your battery bank. In terms of both quality and performance, it's challenging to find a better product for the price.

Currently: $36.95 on Amazon

4. Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash:

This all-in-one, multi-purpose soap becomes a must-have when you least expect it. Gentle on skin, hair, and fabrics, this biodegradable and fragrance-free soap aligns with Leave No Trace principles, ensuring it won't harm the environment. The TSA-compliant 40ml bottle size makes it versatile for both backpacking in the backcountry and traveling through airports. A little goes a long way, particularly useful for those who practice backcountry bidet hygiene!

Currently: $15.80 on Amazon 

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash


5. The CuloClean Portable Backcountry Bidet:

Speaking of backcountry bidets, there's no better way to stay clean, prevent chafing, and lighten your toilet paper load than with these portable bidets. They effortlessly attach to the top of a standard water bottle and weigh just 0.42 ounces. A Pro Tip: While it might not be the most practical for desert hiking due to limited water, in areas where this isn't an issue, this little device is an incredible addition to your backpack. Save some money and grab a pack of two – a perfect gift for your partner! Because what says "I care about you" more than the gift of a chafe-free backside?

Currently: $13.99 on Amazon (2pcs)

Culo Clean Stocking Stuffer


6: BoglerCo Ultralight Backpacking Trowel:

Keeping with the theme of nature calling, we have what our crew considers to be the very best ultralight backpacking trowels on the market.  Not only is it lightweight at just .48 ounces, but it also has a design that fits more ergonomically than other trowels into your hand.  The rubber end cap provides comfort when digging so that you don’t have metal digging into your hand when pushing down a cat hole.

Currently: $17.95 on Amazon 


7: GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug:

Without fail, every year, someone in our office receives one of these ultralight mugs as a holiday gift. A timeless classic at an excellent price point, it's a great choice for any recipient. Weighing just 3.5 oz, this 17 oz mug comes with a spill-resistant lid, and its BPA-free internal cup features measuring/gradation marks. It's perfect for accurately measuring the right amount of water for your favorite ReadyWise Outdoor Meals.

Currently: $13.95 on Amazon (available in 7 colors) 

 8. Darn Tough Socks:

If there were a Mt. Rushmore of Socks, these would be our George Washington.  Gone are the days of receiving a pair of socks as an unexciting Christmas gift.  Darn Toughs excel in being the most comfortable, blister-preventing, nearly indestructible wool socks that you can ever imagine wearing on your feet.  They have loads of unique designs and styles. We prefer the Light Hiker Micro Crew with Cushion but buy with confidence knowing any sock you purchase will be a good one! Oh, and get this, every Darn Tough sock comes with a lifetime guarantee.  You wear out a pair of socks from a long backpacking adventure and they will send you a brand-new pair! Made in Vermont, this is a quality USA Made Brand as well!

Currently on Amazon: $23.95


9. Montana Knife Company: Mini Speedgoat

This stands out as one of our favorite staff finds of the year. The Montana Knife Company, co-founded by Josh Smith, a Master Bladesmith, is producing what we believe to be some of the finest American-made knives in their class. Originally designed for hunting, this blade proves to be an ideal addition to an ultralight backpacker’s kit. Weighing just one ounce, the 6.5-inch blade fits securely into a hard sheath and can be discreetly or openly carried based on the situation. The Mini-Speedgoat is also legally suitable for open carry in most U.S. cities.

We anticipate that this knife will gain widespread popularity in the long-distance and backpacking community in the coming years, making it an impressive cross-over stocking stuffer that's sure to turn heads. The higher price tag is justified by MKC's Generations Promise – they will clean, sharpen, repair, and reshape blades free of charge.

Currently available on their website $200 Montana Knife Company

Six Moons Designs: Silver Shadow Carbon Ultralight Umbrella

This recommendation comes directly from the ReadyWise Outdoor Brand Manager who swears up and down that this was one of his favorite pieces of gear on his Colorado Trail Thru Hike. He spoke about keeping everything from the harsh alpine sun off him during days above the tree line, from huddling under for protection from rain and late afternoon hail and more than anything else, taking a cheeky little trail nap on a sunny day.  Weighing in at just 6.8 oz, this is a piece of gear that everyone should own and a critical piece of gear when you’re in a condition that warrants protection from the elements. 

Currently: $55.00 on Amazon




We couldn’t let you go without mentioning two other items that we love and will help you get those ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meals ready in a flash.

Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot

Depending on your style of backpacking or backcountry exploring, we find the 750ml Toaks Titanium Pots to be our choice for all-around carry.  Weighing in at just 3.6oz with the lid this pot will boil all the water you need to cook your meals at a minimal weight penalty.  Also, we love that a 4-ounce, gas canister, BRS 3000T, small cleaning cloth, and mini-Bic lighter will all nest neatly inside of it.  The quality of this titanium is much better than the expensive version and for long-term use, we think it’s well worth the price.


Currently $26.24 on Amazon 

BRS 3000T Ultralight Backpacking Stove

 Paired with the Toaks Titanium 750ml pot, these two make a complete ultralight cook system.  The stove weighs just .92 ounces, and it claims a boil time of 1L in just under three minutes. You won’t feel the weight of this powerful pocket stove in your pack at all, but you will be happy you have a way to heat water for a delicious ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meal at the end of your day.  Oh, and did we mention it costs less than half the retail price of stoves that weigh much more than this one does? 

Currently $16.69 on Amazon 




So, there it is! A stocking stuffer list that will be sure to please any hiker, or outdoorsperson on your list this year. Let us know what you think! Happy Holidays from the staff at ReadyWise Outdoor.

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